25 years on from bringing mountain bikes hydraulic braking, Magura enters tarmac arena

Magura branches into hydraulic rim brakes for road with RT8 TT

Magura’s much anticipated new product launch has been revealed as a hydraulic rim brake for time trial and triathlon bikes.

Though the cover was blown a little before the information was released, Magura has now confirmed that in collaboration with Cervelo it has produced an aerodynamic road brake, complete with quick release button within the brake lever for rapid wheel changes.

With a simple goal of salvaging seconds by braking later, the pair have introduced the system on Cervelo’s P5, itself a product that has been driving the cycling press crazy prior to its launch. As such, Cervelo has exclusivity over Magura’s brakes for a year prior to the general launch.

Working around a two-piston system, one within the lever and another among the brake itself, a wedge between the calipers is lifted, forcing each to draw inwards in equal measure. Rim thicknesses from 17-28mm are compatible with the system, which will need no adjustment between wheel changes.

Servicing is a case of fit and forget, according to Magura. The brakes self lubricate using a hydraulic system and mineral oil. Current dealers of Magura will already have access to the tools to the two bleed ports, should a customer need work done.

Magura’s dedicated page on the system can be found here, while Road.cc knows a thing or two about the Cervelo P5 having tested one in Fuerteventura recently.

A front and rear brake, including the hoses and mineral oil, will weigh in at only 495 grams.

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