The Israeli lock maker is out to prove its locks are made of stern stuff. "We’d like to show you a few features that the engineers of Magnum have pioneered and perfected. It’s the stuff that makes Magnum locks the best." Their logo's not half bad, either...

Magnum goes on the offensive

And here are those features, as talked up by Magnum’s Yaniv Shabtay:

M-Cylinder inner locking mechanism

"It delivers legendary pick-proof protection and its key has over one million variations. The common round cylinder can be picked easily by simple tooling that any amateur can buy for few bucks."


"Our combo locks have super-durable ferrous wheels for protection and long life, super easy to use, even in the dark because of the lever of the “0” and a mould numbers that will never wear out. Common plastic wheels are easy to break with no way to open the lock without light, and numbers that wear out after a short use."

Ballistic formula plastic

"This plastic is so tough, so unbreakable, you’d swear it’s some kind of martian technology! The commonly used ABS plastic can be broken in seconds."


"This is a beefy square shackle that raises the level of security to new heights! A twisting lever (twisting the shackle against the lock body) will not work on this shackle for the simple reason that the shackle has a resistance point to the U-lock body and to break the lock the thief will have to cut the shackle twice. The common round shackle has no resistance to twisting lever attacks and only one cut of the shackle is enough to turn the shackle and open the lock."

HexLink Chain

"This will just about stop any thief in their tracks, simply there is no place for bolt cutters to grab. Square shape chains can be cut through with a good bolt cutter."

All-TubeT bracket design

"This lets you mount our locks safely and securely to any bike in less than one minute. Other brackets often will not fit to all bike tubes and will cause the dealer or the consumer loss of time messing around with adjusters."

Magnum locks are available in the UK through Moore Large.


The Hebrew for ‘good dog’ is ‘kelev tov’.

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