Neck protection system available this month

Madison to distribute Leatt-Brace

Madison has announced that it will take stock of Leatt-Brace following a distribution agreement.

Leatt-Brace offers a revolutionary neck protection system for all sports requiring a full face helmet. The market leading product came from Dr.Leatt’s medical background and his history as a motorcycle racer. Witnessing multiple neck injuries as a race doctor in South Africa, Dr.Leatt created the Leatt Brace. The inventor continues to oversee the research and development, ensuring that the Leatt-Brace remains the gold standard for neck protection.

The Leatt-Brace will be available to all Madison customers and will be supported with all the necessary technical expertise and service spares. The GPX sport range consists of two sizes, which can be micro adjusted for the perfect personal fit. Anyone who wears a full-face helmet should seriously contemplate the use of the brace as neck injuries are at best catastrophic and at worst fatal.

Dominic Langan, CEO for Madison made this statement: “Leatt-Brace is the market leading brand in this new category for MX and cycling. With top mountain bike riders such as Greg Minaar and Cedric Gracia already using the Leatt-Brace this season, we expect to see more and more pro riders using the product in the future and we expect the enthusiast rider will soon follow suit.”

Karl Prestwood, the Leatt-Brace importer had this to say; “We are absolutely delighted for Madison to agree to distribute the Leatt-Brace. This will allow us to truly maximise the full potential in the cycle and ski markets and open new market opportunities. In less than two years this product has taken the worldwide MX market by storm and Leatt Corp are focused on ensuring all sport enthusiasts requiring a full face helmet can easily access this potentially life-saving product.”

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