Madison's new Shimano prices have been attacked by contributors to the bulletin board. Paul Briggs of West Yorks IBD Ellis Briggs said: "I hope Madison practice safe sex...because they're shafting us". And when Madison failed to respond to the criticism, other BBS contributors took the silence to be an admission of guilt. Bill Baxter, Madison's sales and marketing director, has now issued a statement aiming to calm the troubled waters in advance of the Madison Dealer Convention in the third week of February.

Madison responds to its BBS critics

The criticisms levelled against Madison started appearing just after Christmas and were sprinkled around a variety of topics, but then Paul Briggs crystallised the comments in his ‘safe sex’ topic:…/read.php3?f=1&i=11382&t=11382&v=t

Other IBD contributors then joined in, including ‘Evansbuyer’, an employee of the mammoth London IBD chain.

In September 2002, Madison CEO Terry Bowles, responded to criticism of Madison supplying mail-order retailers such as Chain Reaction of Northern Ireland:…/read.php3?f=1&i=7701&t=7653

Because, Bowles has responded in the past, BBS contributors demanded he respond on the ‘safe sex’ comments.

With three businesses to run, he can’t keep up with all the Madison-related comments on the BBS so Madison’s sales director has responded instead:

Bill Baxter:

"I have noticed over the last couple of weeks a few contributors asking

Madison or Terry Bowles to respond to questions asked on the BikeBiz forum.

I am sure that to date you will be aware that there has been no response

from Madison.

"We value business to business communication with our customers, but most

contributors to this bulletin board are anonymous and none of us at Madison

have any perspective on who is asking the questions, is it customers,

competitors, journalists or members of the public? We simply don’t know.

"Our relationship with each of our customers is confidential, and we don’t

believe we should discuss them with anonymous strings on a bulletin board.

"All of this said, I am very keen to speak to any of our customers that has an

issue with Madison at any point, my direct phone number is 0208 385 3473 or

I can be reached by fax on 0208 385 3443 or simply e-mail me on

Alternately visit us at the Madison Dealer Convention, taking place from

Sunday February 23rd until Wednesday February 26th. Madison’s entire senior

staff, including Terry Bowles, will be available throughout this event to

answer all and any issues our customers may have.

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