Islander on a mission to cut car use on island

Madison backs green Lundy Island cause

Madison has got behind a green initiative on Lundy Island, Bristol Channel.

The tiny island – home to only 27 residents – is a haven for wildlife but due to the island’s diminutive nature virtually all supplies have to be imported, leading to an ever-increasing carbon footprint.

One resident and island warden, Sophie Wheatley, is aiming to tackle the growing problem with the help of Madison and Ridgeback. Leading by example, Wheatley is cutting her quad bike use (the preferred method of transport on Lundy) by riding a Ridgeback MX5 mountain bike, supplied by Madison.

After one year of cycling rather than quad biking around the island, Wheatley is aiming to save 0.07 tonnes of Co2 emissions – and encourage her fellow islanders to follow her example and help preserve the area of natural beauty.

Wheatley said: "As an island, we are reliant on the import of virtually all our supplies. Food for the 20,000 visitors to our shores each year, building materials, feed for farm animals and most importantly fuel, and oil for the vehicles, and the islands diesel powered generators.

"On Lundy, the preferred method of travel is a quad bike, fuelled by petrol, which is not only unsustainable but polluting and noisy too. As a commitment to turning our little island greener, I have had the opportunity thanks to Madison sponsorship, to reduce my quad use and nowadays you can see me going about my job on my new Ridgeback MX5 mountain bike."

Madison CEO Dominic Langan 
CEO added: "I thought this would be a great opportunity to understand the challenges of a green agenda on a small environment compared with the global issues we are usually presented with when talking about a green agenda.

"So Madison and Ridgeback sponsored Sophie with a bike, clothing and accessories in return for a monthly ‘letter from Lundy’.

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