Brand signs distribution deal to bring the single carbon fibre constructed wheels to UK trade

Mad Fiber’s carbon wheels coming to the UK

Cult US carbon wheelmaker Mad Fiber has joined Burton Agencies’ roster of bike brands.

Working alongside Mad Fiber’s European distributor, Burton Agencies will be handling all UK orders from IBDs and multiple retailers going forward.

The Mad Fiber concept has taken the traditional wheel structure of spokes, nipples, hub and rim and adjusted it as a single carbon fibre construction. According to the brand, this results in a wheelset that is not only strong and lightweight, but stays true for the lifetime of each wheel.

“I’ve always admired the Mad Fiber concept,” said Kevin Burton from BA. “I’m really looking forward to getting the brand out there in the trade and introducing UK retailers and riders to the Mad Fiber concept.

“We’ve got a great pricing structure with great margins built in and our promotional plans will generate a lot of interest. In our experience, once a customer has tried these wheels, fellow riders are keen to see what all the fuss is about."

Burton added: “One of the benefits of the Mad Fiber construction process is that it is impossible for the wheel to come out of true in a traditional sense. That is, the rim won’t bend and the spoke tension is evenly set for the life of the wheel, which is held to a standard of +/- .012” run out for trueness and roundness. There are no threaded metal fasteners (spokes/nipples) to loosen, and there is no bedding‐in process between metal surfaces such as with an aluminum rim/regular wheel.”

Mad Fiber joins Burton Agencies’ line-up of cycling brands, including Polaris cyclewear, nrg4 and Surf Sales.

Interested retailers should contact Burton Agencies on 07809 764983 or via email to:

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