Sustrans welcome news, but suggest 20mph should become the default nationwide

London’s Square Mile to set limits at 20mph

The City of London’s square mile will adopt 20mph speed limits in an attempt to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries on the capital’s roads.

The Corporation of London yesterday voted to reduce the current speed limits, with the City of London police stating they will ‘actively enforce’ the rule.

Islington and camden already have a 20mph blanket limit, though the MET ‘only enforces the rule when resources allow’.

Sustrans commented on the news stating: “A 20mph speed limit would save lives and make the streets in London’s city centre better places to walk, cycle and socialise. Slowing speeds improves public health by allowing people to be more active, significantly reducing the burden on our health system.

“A 20mph limit is welcome wherever it is put in place across the country, but a postcode lottery where pedestrians and cyclists are safer in some areas than others is not acceptable – 20mph must become a national default speed limit.”

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