London’s mayoral candidates agree on little but they are united on one front for the forthcoming election: all four have pledged their support for a ten-point cycling manifesto drawn up by the London Cycling Campaign. This includes 20mph limit in all streets where Londoners live, work or shop, and free cycling training for every schoolchild.

London’s next mayor is pro-cycling, guaranteed

Cycling in Central London has increased by 20 percent since the congestion charge was introduced. London Cycling Campaign, which gives maps, information and advice to the city’s cyclists, believes new measures are now needed to ensure the capital becomes one of the world’s first-class cycling cities.

Tom Bogdanowicz, campaigns manager for the London Cycling Campaign, said:

“Cycling is enjoying a boom in London and we are delighted that all the candidates have backed our manifesto. We now want to see this very welcome support put into practice.“

The manifesto calls for guaranteed funding to deliver the London Cycling Action Plan, which aims to increase cycling by 80 percent by 2010, safe routes to school for all of London’s children and dedicated patrols to fine motorists who block cycle lanes and advanced stop lines at traffic lights.

“I fully support LCC’s Cycling Manifesto for London, which I think is a very helpful document," said Labour’s Ken Livingstone, the current mayor and odds-on favourite to win again.

"I want to dramatically increase cycling’s modal share in London,” he said.

The LibDem and Green candidates also endorse LCC’s manifesto.

Steven Norris, the Conservative candidate, has the best cycling credentials of all four candidates: he recently stepped down as chair of the National Cycling Strategy Board in order to focus on his campaign to be London mayor. He is currently lagging behind Livinstone in the polls.

“I can happily sign up to LCC’s campaign commitments," said Norris.

"I intend to make London a city in which cycling is as safe, enjoyable and widespread as it can possibly be.”

LCC’s Cycling Manifesto for London: 

Guaranteed funding to deliver the full TfL London Cycling Action Plan, including the London Cycle Network+

20mph as the standard speed limit in all streets where Londoners live, work or shop, and a radical expansion in the number of home zones

Free cycle training for every London schoolchild, including on-road training

Safe routes to school for all London’s children, with sufficient secure cycle parking at all London schools by end 2006

Sufficient secure cycle parking at all major London rail, tube and bus stations by end 2005, and as a legal requirement in all new developments

A major campaign of action on cycle theft, with cycle theft reduction targets for all London boroughs and a London-wide database of stolen cycles

Enforcement of all cycle lanes, cycle gaps and advance stop lines by a Green Route Patrol, including using the same decriminalised enforcement as currently exists for bus lanes

A concerted action plan in conjunction with all other relevant agencies to prevent cyclists’ deaths from HGVs and skip lorries

A dedicated programme to open up cycle corridors across key green spaces and along London’s waterways

A major programme to reallocate road space and priority to cycling and walking, including the upgrading and widening of cycle lanes

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