Transport for London's new business plan foresees growth in cycle use of 80 percent between now and 2010, instead of the official 200 percent national target. LCC says: "Improve cycling facilities, don't lower targets for cycling."

London Cycling Campaign lays into TfL

The LCC has said that Transport for London ought to redouble its efforts to remove barriers to cycling instead of cutting targets for cycle use without consultation.

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy makes clear that London needs higher cycle use to solve the problem of congested roads. Increased cycle use also eases pressure on overcrowded underground trains, says the LCC.

Ken Livingstone says he wants to see cycling treble in London, but his Transport for London body isn’t following suit.

In the past five years cycle use has increased in London despite a lack of growth at the national level.

Tom Bogdanowicz, Campaigns Manager at the London Cycling Campaign, said:

"London needs to capitalise on this trend with better cycle routes, more cycle parking and more facilities for cycle users at workplaces. Flagship projects like the London Cycle

Network plus and the London Cycle Guides need full TfL support at the highest level and committed backing from all departments.

"Transport for London’s senior management needs to be fully committed to a substantial increase in cycling if its overall transport strategy is to be realised.

"London has the potential to be a world class cycling city."

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