Institute believes that hire initiative will up cyclist numbers and lead to better awareness from drivers

London Cycle Hire will make cycling safer, says IAM

Ahead of the launch of the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme in London tomorrow, the Institute of Advanced Motorists said the scheme will see an influx of new riders get on the capital’s roads.

The Institute added that increased cyclist numbers will make drivers more aware of bicycles on the road and improve cyclist safety.

“Research shows that many drivers aren’t looking to see cyclists, as they are just not as common as cars on the road," said IAM cycling development manager Duncan Pickering.

"The introduction of easily accessible bikes throughout the city centre will no doubt tempt more would-be cyclists onto London’s roads, be they commuters, tourists, or those simply wanting to give it a try.

“The IAM predicts that, with the critical mass of cyclists going up, drivers will be more aware and be looking out for people on bikes around town, hopefully leading to a more positive sharing of the road.

“Providing all parties behave courteously, and give each other the necessary space, the scheme will encourage more Londoners to take up cycling, and benefit from the health, economic, and environmental rewards it brings.”

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