New Fitzrovia station has dodgy mapping and directions

London Cycle Hire directs cyclists the wrong way down one-way streets

West End Extra this morning reports that a new docking station in Warren Street is not only labelled Euston, but directs cyclists the wrong way down a one-way street, against the flow of often heavy traffic.

Legible London, which is responsible for the mapping, has also wrongly suggested that Soho is to the North and Fitzroy Square to the west.

Linus Rees, a cyclist and chair of the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association told the paper: “As anyone should know, Fitzrovia is the area bounded by Gower Street to the east and Great Portland Street to the west, and Euston Road to the north and Oxford Street to the south. 

“But it seems the folks at Transport for London and Legible London can’t find their way around as well as they should.”

Westminster City Council, which oversees management of the borough, has a policy of fining people who travel the wrong way down one-way streets.

For the full story, including comment from a Labour London Assembly Member rubbishing management of the scheme, see The West End Extra article here.

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