Former Boomtown Rat takes a pop at Boris Johnson by slamming London's Cycle Superhighways.

London “clogged up” by “vanity” cycle lanes, rages Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof yesterday launched an attack on Boris Johnson by complaining about London’s Cycle Superhighways. "[Johnson] clogged up the streets of London by building this ludicrous vanity bicycle project," raged the former Boomtown Rat, adding that the new cycleways are "ridiculous".

Geldof was speaking to the Daily Mirror during yesterday’s river battle on the Thames between Brexit and StrongerIn campaigners.

Attacks on London’s new separated – and life-saving – cycling infrastructure are now coming along thick and fast. Earlier this week BikeBiz reported on a bus advocacy report which claimed that the Cycle Superhighways had led to a "reduction of road capacity in central London of 25 per cent." This claim was wrong. The author of the bus advocacy report was given the statistic by somebody who had heard it as an answer in a presentation by a Transport for London official who was, in fact, referring to the whole road modernasition programme not the cycleways specifically.

Cycle Superhighways run beside less than three percent of central London’s main roads. If even one lane out of four has been removed for the cycleway that’s just 0.75 percent.

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