EUROBIKE: Saddle with an integrated folding lock unfurls from base of saddle to become one-meter lock.

Lock your bike with your saddle

Israeli company Ino-Vision was created four years ago to ready for market the Seatylock integrated lock and saddle. It is now ready to launch and Ino-vision has a booth at Eurobike seeking to secure OEM business.

Ino-vision’s Ilan Mor said the company’s Seatylock is now ready to launch and is the ideal security solution for city bikes:

"You are not going to ride your bike without your saddle. The lock is always with you," said Mor.

"You will never leave your home without your lock ever again."

The Seatylock also solves another security problem: the theft of a bike’s saddle.

Seatylock was the idea of Oren Livne, who is a company principal, and the product has been granted worldwide patents.

Development and design for the Seatybike took place in Tel Aviv, Israel; the product is manufactured in Taiwan and China. Aftermarket versions of the Seatylock cost 90 Euros. Product ships in January 2013.

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