"We are keeping a close eye on London," says spokesman.

Liverpool to be next Cycle Hire adopter?

Merseyside City Council has reportedly put out a tender asking businesses to submit their vision for a cycle hire scheme to possibly feature on Liverpool’s streets in the future.

Edinburgh, York, Newcastle and Birmingham are all also supposedly considering following on from London’s instalation, though funding is reproted an issue.

Edinburgh, in particular, is said to be paying close attention to the Capital and has told the Guardian’s cycling correspondent Helen Pidd: "Edinburgh would need to find a big-money sponsor such as Barclays, which has put £25m into the London scheme."

York’s City Council is also said to have taken influence from the Paris Velib and has approached advertising giant JCDecaux about a potential link up.

Not all cities seem as keen, however. A pilot cycle hire project run in Bristol over the past few months was recently removed following the City Council’s decision not to support its full-time installation.

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