They've packed a lot of technology into this helmet.

Listen to music, make calls and SOS messages with Bling bike helmet

Livall’s Bling bike helmet is being pitched as a ‘smart helmet’ as it integrates communications, music and smart lighting.

The Bling helmet features Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and a microphone, so calls can be made and taken while riding (they double up as a music system*). There’s also a Walkie-Talkie function so cycling teams can communicate with each other and it even converts text messages to voice.

They’ve certainly packed in plenty of technology: There’s an LED system with turning signals, a built-in gravity sensor that detects emergencies and makes SOS calls, a power bank that charges your phone and a nano cadence sensor.

The Bling helmet comes in three colours – red, blue, yellow – and there’s a Bling Jet Remote control for the handlebars to connect to phone and helmet.

If you’re in the vicinity, you can see the helmet for yourself at the IFA 2015 show in Berlin from tomorrow (Saturday September 5th). It’s also on crowd funding site Indiegogo, where it smashed its funding target, currently at 825 per cent.

*The brand may have accidentally stumbled into the ‘should cyclists listen to music while riding?’ debate by offering the feature with the Bling helmet. However, there’s some debate whether cyclists listening to music hear more or less than motorists even listening to no music.

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