Limebike and Ofo increase dockless presence in rural US

US-based dockless bike share schemes Limebike and Ofo have revealed their first suburban location of Montgomery County.

Montgomery County’s agreement with Dockless Bikeshare companies is part of a demonstration project to test the concept tht may see European firms spreading across the Atlantic, as dockless schemes increase in popularity. Similar companies such as Urbo, Obike and Mobike have launched initiatives to increase the amount of dockless bikes on British streets in recent months.

Limebike will position 240 bikes today and will be activated for service straight away. Ofo will place 100 bikes tonight that will be activated for service on Friday, October 27, and expanding to 1,000 bikes over the next four weeks.

Unlike the Capital Bikeshare system currently available in the area that requires fixed bike docking stations, Mobike users pick up, ride and then park a bike wherever is convenient for them.

Each bike is equipped with built-in GPS and smart-lock technology that allows the user to unlock it via a QR code. Riders download the Mobike app to register, locate a nearby bike via the app and GPS, unlock it, park it in a legal area at their destination, and lock it for the next user.

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