Formerly only available built into lids, the wearable tech is now retrofittable via an aftermarket kit

Lifebeam tech goes aftermarket with Lazer

Lifebeam, the bio-sensing headbelt that has in the past only featured on select Lazer helmets, is now set for aftermarket availability through the brand.

Retrofittable to any Lazer helmet with the right channels (you could probably sneak it onto many more lids on the market), the headbelt is the brainchild of an Israeli company that began life reading the vital signs of pilots, astronauts and special forces personnel.

The unit features an optical sensor that picks up blood flow measurements at the forehead and according to the brand, will in the near future be able to read nutrition levels on the move before recommending exactly when to up your dose. 

A transmitter stored at the rear of the helmet relays that data back to you via bluetooth or Ant+, meaning it’s compatible with phones, Garmins and much more. The unit will run for around 14-16 hours per charge.

Within Lazer’s own portfolio, the tech will be fitted to the high-end Z1 road lid, the mid-level Genesis and in the near future the Blade and Magma entry level helmets.

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