High performance LED lights among the latest from the five year old brand

Lezyne ramps up product offering with lights and workshop tools

Lezyne is significantly widening its product offering to the trade with new lines of lights and workshop tools.

The brand, distributed by Upgrade in the UK, is in its fifth year of trading and so far has produced multi-tools, mini-pumps, floor pumps and hydration packs.

Lezyne launched three models as part of a high-performance LED range. Two year in the making, the USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery high output LED lights are to be competitively priced, starting with the Mini Drive LED, producing 150 lumens with a £49.99 SRP. The Power Drive LED will produce 300 lumens for £79.99 SRP and finally the Super Drive LED produces 450 lumens for £99.99 SRP.

“Each component is custom developed to Lezyne’s highest standards,” the firm told BikeBiz. “Extensive testing with light projection in real-world cycling situations helped Lezyne develop their Uniform Power Beam lens and reflector technology customised for cycling. The latest efficient and super bright Cree LEDs in combination with high capacity rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries make Lezyne LED lights the brightest and longest-lasting in their class.”

Aside from the brand new LED light range Lezyne’s shop tool range also launched at Eurobike, including home workshop tools pitched as being ‘functional and beautiful’.

Lezyne revealed that the range has designed to meet the demand of growing numbers of consumers doing their own home bike builds and regular maintenance on increasingly expensive bikes.

The range will include two-way tech – a combination of the CNC Rod (SRP £20.99) universal 32mm hex wrench handle that fits any of the three Forged-CNC’d steel tools (SRP £12.99). Two of these tools are ‘two-way’, or two functions in one. Tools are purchased individually and can be used with the CNC Rod or any 32mm or adjustable spanner.

The EXBBT-CLT tool is an external bottom bracket tool with Cassette Lock Ring tool. The SPLBBT-NBBT tool is an ISS splined bottom bracket tool with eight-point bottom bracket tool. The EXBBT-SOC tool is an external bottom bracket tool for use with CNC Rod or any 3/8” socket drive and torque wrench.

The range will also include the Pedal Rod – a heavy-duty shop quality pedal spanner with two 15mm offset openings positioned for optimal leverage, in two versions; the CNC Pedal Rod (SRP £25.99) with CNC machined aluminium, laser engraved handle and the Classic Pedal Rod (SRP £17.99) with its shaped and varnished wood handle.

Other highlights include the Chain Rod, a shop quality heavy-duty chain whip tool in two versions – CNC Chain Rod (SRP £29.99) with aluminium handle and the Classic Chain Rod (SRP £20.99) with shaped and varnished wood handle.

A three-way Wrench (SRP £15.99) and three-way Spoke Wrench (SRP £7.99) will also be included. Finally the Shop Shock Drive (£69.99) is a heavy duty shock pump for everyday use.

Leyzne, with its ‘Engineered Design’ mantra, credits itself for ‘re-inventing’ the hose on mini-pumps and bringing back the benefits connecting to tyre valves this way.

Upgrade Bikes: 01403 711 611
B2B site: http://shop.upgradebikes.co.uk

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