LEVA-EU calls on importers to ‘protect themselves’ against potential retroactive collection

LEVA-EU has called on importers to ‘protect themselves’ against potential retroactive collection of dumping duties on e-bikes imported from China.

This is despite the EMBA withdrawing its request for registration of the e-bike imports.

LEVA-EU has warned that “the Commission still has the competence to apply retroactive collection of duties”, and said the registration must be annulled by a separate measure to stop the process.

However, it said the Commission plans only to consider the request “in the final assessment of this case”.

This means that the ‘threat’ continues for all companies which have imported e-bikes from China between 4th May and 18th July.

LEVA-EU is calling on these importers to join a lawsuit against the Commission, initiated by two members of the Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles.

The Collective is continuing this court application against registration, since it is the “only solution to offer importers the best possible protection from retroactive collection”.

Should the court case prove to be necessary and successful, only those companies that have come forward as intervenors will be able to obtain exemption.

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