From 1st June, you will have to log in to the trade part of this site with your own, self-selected user-name and password. We could have changed the generic passwords to keep out the great unwashed - some of whom have sussed presta & enter - but decided to go fully personalised instead.

Less than a month before presta and enter are phased out

For those people who only want access to the news, and not the bulletin board, many of the ‘trade’ stories will appear on the public daily news part of the site at

However, trade-sensitive stories will only be seen on the password-required news section.

There are currently 2184 registered members of, with access-all-areas rights. If you want to join this select list join here

Please complete all sections of this application form and state full and correct email address. Our list of registered members is as valuable as gold-dust but is not sold, displayed on the site or distributed to third parties.

If you use a RSS news aggregate service, the public news headlines can be accessed here:…/public_rssfeed.php

None of the trade-only stories make it into that feed.

Don’t know what an RSS feed is? Most of the major news websites now offer their headlines in the Rich Site Summary (RSS) format. It was invented by Netscape in 1999 and can be a big time-saver, collating headlines from all your favourite news sites. There are free ‘news readers’ available all over the internet. Go to Google and type in ‘news feed readers’ for a list.

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