Store broken into on Saturday, with large displays of Santa Cruz, Yeti and fork collection cleared out

Leisure Lakes Bury hit by thieves

Leisure Lakes Bury branch was hit by theives on Saturday, with a large stock of Santa Cruz and Yeti Bikes, as well as numerous suspension forks all stolen.

According to the store’s web page it wasn’t the only local cycling business targetted on Saturday.

A full list of the Santa Cruz Bikes that were stolen is found below. The numbers in brackets are the frame numbers of each of the bikes.

  • Tallboy alloy SPX 29er Large White (AI0405975)
  • Tallboy LT Carbon XT AM 29er Medium Yellow (G0012ML)
  • Blur Alloy TR XT XC Large Red (A21254509)
  • Bronson Alloy XT AM Medium Grey (a502937s)
  • Bronson Carbon XTR AM Medium (gfsnl00bbm00250)

And the Yeti Bikes that were stolen.

  • SB66 Carbon Black XT Build Kit Medium
  • SB95 Carbon Turq Race Build Kit Large (3dofa 510070-3dora010194)

Eight pairs of suspension forks were also removed in the raid:

  • Rockshox Pike RCT3
  • Rockshox Reba RL29
  • Rockshox Pike RCT3
  • Rockshox Sektor
  • Fox 32 Float 140 RLC x2
  • Fox 34 Float
  • Yeti Fox 32’s x 2
  • Fox 34 Float CTD x2

If you have any information at all about what has happened please either contact the police direct, or Anthony at Bury:
Tel: 0161 797 5625

The store is also contactable on its Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.

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