Michael Barry's pro cycling memoirs now published as box set edition

Le Métier limited edition box set now available

Michael Barry’s latest cycling book, Le Métier, is now available as a £100 box set.

Le Métier is an honest and sometimes touching look into the life, the trials and the tribulations as well as the triumphs, of a cycling domestique. As a professional cyclist Barry has lived the dream that many an aspiring racer covets – worldwide travel in the heady atmosphere of professional bike racing and all that it brings. Michael is also a pro-cycling rarity in that he has an immense talent for writing and it is the coupling of these two aspects of his life that are now captivating readers of his books and print and online columns.

Set alongside photography from Camille J McMillan, Barry’s book has been a hit with New York Times critics, among others.

Le Métier was released on the 29th April, 2010 and published by Rouleur. The standard hardback edition will cost £35.

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