An online campaign started by an admirer to replace Jenni Gwiazdowski's stolen bicycle is £100 away from £1000 total.

LDN Bike Kitchen’s Jenni has stolen bike replaced by online campaign

Yesterday, London cyclist Beth Anderson started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise at least £1000 to replace a bicycle stolen from Jenni Gwiazdowski, founder of the London Bike Kitchen, a community fix-your-bike centre.

Originally from California, Gwiazdowski left her job so she could put more time into the bike kitchen. "She is one of the most amazingly supportive, enthusiastic and nice people in the cycling community," said Anderson.

Anderson’s online campaign to raise £1000 to replace Gwiazdowski’s Lemond bike has attracted more than £900 in less than 19 hours.

"The other night, as she worked late in the workshop, somebody stole [Gwiazdowski’s] bike from outside the shop," said Anderson.

"We can all understand how that feels, especially as her bike was lovingly cared for with wheels she’d built herself. The bike wasn’t insured as this was an expense Jenni couldn’t afford when leaving work as it was a choice between buying food or buying insurance."

Anderson added: "Jenni gives so much, really doesn’t deserve to have her bike stolen and has no way of replacing it. She helps and supports everybody that comes into the Bike Kitchen including the pack of local kids that come to her to fix their bikes and pump up their tyres."


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