Those TV darlings at Cabal Communications have at last written to subscribers telling them Maximum Mountain Bike has been suspended (something trade readers of this website knew about on 11th January) The company says a buyer is being actively sought.

Last days of the Rag

We are currently trying to find a new publisher to continue the magazine into the future, says Kevin Hickman, Cabals subscription manager, in todays letter to subscribers.

Your subscription has been suspended, writes Hickman, hopefully, until a new publisher takes over the magazine when you will continue to receive the magazine as normal.

Subscribers can get a more jaundiced view on the demise of MMB at where Guy Kesteven, Maximums final editor, spills the beans on the mags last days.


Another change at Cabal is the departure of PR person Jennifer Press, well known to many people in the bike trade. (She was almost the only person featured in the BBC2 documentary series on Cabal not to be seen effing and blinding). Jen is moving to the Beeb where she will be doing the PR for flagship current affairs programmes such as Newsnight and Panaroma.

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