Of course, it was always going to be a shoe-in, but nevertheless, Trek dealers - and Trek itself - will no doubt be happy it has just been confirmed the United States Postal Service team has jumped through the UCI's financial-strictures hoops. However, the news is not so good for Mario Cipollini, Specialized and the Domina-Vacanze team...

Lance’s team provides monetary assurances; USPS will be at Tour de France

Here’s the statement:

Teams Alessio-Bianchi (ITA), Milaneza Maia (POR) and US Postal Service presented by Berry Floor (USA) have presented the required precisions, and the Professional Cycling Council (PCC) has proceeded to their registration as TT/I for the 2004 season.

On the basis of the complement of information given to the UCI since the 22 nd of December 2003 , and following the advice given by Ernst&Young, the PCC could not accept the registration of Domina-Vacanze (ITA) and Kelme (ESP) as TTI for 2004.

If these TT’s fill the conditions as required by the UCI rules and regulations by January 15th 2004 , they will be registered as TTII.

In accordance with the UCI Regulations, in order to reach the total number of 30 TT/I, the teams Palmans-Collstrop (BEL) and Relax-Bodysol (ESP), are registered as TT/I for the 2004 season.


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