Ever had a courier lose an important parcel? That's what happened to one of Lance Armstrong's Tour de France bikes two years ago. It vanished en route from Belgium to Trek in Wisconsin. A German lost-property retrievals company happened upon it recently and is claiming ownership; Trek and USPS beg to differ. Lawyers have been appointed on both sides...

Lance’s lost bike is found; but ownership is disputed

German company HFH specialises in buying unclaimed parcels and then auctioning their contents.

Earlier this year HFH bought a number of oversize boxes, one of which contained a Trek road bike, etched number 10 in a series.

HFH owner Uwe Fritsch quickly realised this was no ordinary lost bicycle; it was a high-value road bike made even more valuable because of where it had been ridden and by whom.

Fritsch placed the bike on an online auction site but the sale was blocked by German police. Fritsch convinced the police that the bike had been bought in good faith and no criminal proceedings were forthcoming.

However, Trek and the US Postal Service team do not want the bike auctioned and they are fighting to recover the machine via the German legal system.

Source: Sazbike

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