...but he could sure live without David Walsh. The Irish journalist has today told the International Herald Tribune that there's no smoking gun in his controversial new book. "It's all circumstantial evidence," said Walsh, currently reporting on football for The Times at Euro2004. Walsh's doping allegations have yet to impact on Lance Armstrong's lucrative promotional tie-ups, the latest being a US TV ad for Coca Cola's filtered-water brand, Dasani.

Lance can’t live without Dasani…

"We don’t actually prove anything," Walsh told Samuel Abt of the International Herlad Tribune.

"We just set out the facts and let the reader decide for himself who’s telling the truth. But we do give names for every accusation."

According to the 10-page book extract in L’Express, Armstrong is reported to have told his personal soigneur: "Now, Emma, you know enough to destroy me."

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Officials of the Postal Service team are currently preparing a statement about Walsh’s latest allegations.

If Walsh successfully makes some of his mud stick – not something he has been able to do to date – it could have an impact on Armstrong’s bankability.

Following the fantastic TV ad for Nike, the latest Armstrong ad is for Dasani, the water brand that famously flopped in the UK two months ago but which is a market-leader in the US.

In the ad, to air June 14th in the US, Armstrong says he "Can’t Live Without Dasani."

"Lance and DASANI are a great match," said Sabrina Gatlin, associate brand manager, Dasani.

"His optimism, athleticism, zest for life and confidence are all qualities shared by Dasani drinkers. Having pushed himself and come out on top, Lance Armstrong epitomizes the vitality and healthy attitude that are inherent to DasaniI."

The TV ad highlights Armstrong’s non-stop competitive spirit. In the spot, Armstrong takes on a stronger rival in a chin up contest and shoots hoops with opponents who tower over him, replenishing himself with Dasani. The ad closes with Armstrong on his bike next to a motorcyclist, his eyes shining at the opportunity to race.


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