The successful bid - at 10pm last night - was from a partner in a Birmingham firm of chartered surveyors.

Lance Armstrong jersey fetches £515 ($800, €815)!

The winner was Andrew Heaney of Johnson Fellows of Birmingham.

Every penny of the £515 will go to the CTC’s Cyclists’ Defence Fund.

Thanks to Andrew, Trek’s CEO John Burke and, of course, Lance Armstrong.

Heaney said the death of a friend at the hands of a drink driver prompted him to keep upping his bids.

“There were two or three of us in the end so I left it to the last few seconds. The auction was for a good cause and made me think of my friend who was knocked down and killed when he was on his bike and hit and killed by a motorist who had been drinking. I was also inspired by Lance Armstrong because of his achievements and his recovery from cancer.”

The Cyclists Defence Fund was set up last year when an insurer claimed negligence against the parents and childminder of a young cyclist who was hit and brain damaged by a motorist.

Heaney, a CTC member, also supports the Fund but will not ride in his new jersey.

“I’ll get it framed and mount it on the wall at home,” he said.

Heaney and his wife Carol are both regular cyclists. They have travelled widely on their tandem and Andrew also competes, mainly in cross-country mountain bike races.

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