The Messenger range of security products receive new independent testing certifications from Sold Secure

Kryptonite Messenger series awarded Sold Secure Silver approval

Kryptonite today announced that multiple products – including many from the new Messenger Collection series – have received Sold Secure approvals.

Leading the way are the new Messenger Mini, the Messenger Mini+ and the Messenger Chain & Moly Padlock, which all received Sold Secure Silver status. In addition, the Keeper 755, 785 and 712 Integrated Chains as well as the Keeper 12 Standard and Long Shackle U-locks received Sold Secure Silver status.

“Our latest Sold Secure approvals validate our continuing efforts to offer dealers and their customers the right balance of lighter weight u-locks and chains without sacrificing security,” said Alison Donlan, Kryptonite director of product portfolio.

“We assist our customers worldwide by offering our global security rating system to help them choose the best lock with the right level of security for their needs. In the United Kingdom specifically, in addition to our rating system, customers utilize the Sold Secure gold, silver and bronze ratings to help guide them in making informed decisions.”

Sold Secure is an independent testing agency based in the United Kingdom whose mission is to assess security products using standard test specifications. Sold Secure engages in the most current methods used by thieves to attack security products. In bicycle security, the highest category a product can receive is Gold. Kryptonite currently holds over 35 Sold Secure certifications.

“With Sold Secure approvals of both Messenger series and Keeper series products at the Silver status, we now offer a silver rating for all of our u-locks and chains with a security rating of 5/10 – 7/10,” said Donlan.

In addition to the new certifications for the Messenger series and Keeper series products, the Hardwire 2085 and Hardwire 2018 cable security products received Sold Secure Bronze status.

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