Founded in 1993 by Californian machinists Charlie and Martin Kurke, Kore made a name for itself by producing innovative, high-end bike bits such as suspension friendly skewers. Kore products stopped being produced in 2002. Lance will be in charge of the market re-entry. Lance Bohlen, that is. A US industry veteran, Bohlen is scathing of companies guilty of producing 'sketchy' products...

Kore to return at Autumn trade shows

After a three-year hiatus, Kore Cycling Components Inc. is being revived and will be exhibiting at Eurobike and Interbike later this year.

The resurrection is being led by Lance Bohlen, a product manager with Rocky Mountain in Canada, Decathlon in France, Specialized in California and most recently Pacific Cycle in Wisconsin.

The Kurke brothers are consultants on the project.

“As a bicycle product manager, I was often disappointed sitting across the table getting pitched sketchy products by companies that didn’t really get it when it came to knowing what core cyclists really want. Instead of thinking ‘I could do better’ or ‘why did they do that?’ I’m now in a position of being able to direct the product the way I know it should be,” said Bohlen.

There’s nothing online yet at the Kore website – except for teaser – but Bohlen said Kore will produce handlebars, stems, and spacers, an I-Beam saddle and seat post geared toward serious road cyclists, new grips, control cables, and wheels featuring welded 6066 rims and adjustable sealed bearing hubs. There will also be a range of carbon components.

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