Bikes Help Support Workers Of River Project And Foster Healthier Communities

Kona Donates 100 AfricaBikes To WWF

Since 2005, Kona has been providingAfricaBikes to thousands of healthcare workers in Africa. In September, Kona will be donating 100 AfricaBikes to one of the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) water projects in Tanzania, Africa.

The Great Ruaha River is one of the most important sources of freshwater in Tanzania. Since 1993, research records show that sections of this massive river in the Rufiji River Basin have run completely dry for periods of time. This wasn’t due to global warming or climatic variation, but rather uncontrolled and poor water management.

Since 2003, the WWF has implemented a sustainable water management program to help better the lives of more than 6.35 million people living in the region. By establishing the Water Users Associations – groups whose members are trained in water irrigation, law, policy and conservation – the program saw great success in 2006 when the Great Ruaha flowed throughout the year for the first time in five years.

To monitor the river’s status members of the Water Users Associations need bikes to cover the long distances. By having access to 100 Kona AfricaBikes, workers will be able to cover more ground; ultimately resulting in a healthier river and healthier communities.

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