Knog Products were previewed at the Taipei show earlier this year and will be launching at Interbike with their own 35 items of P&A, and over at the Giant booth there will be a range of Knog softgoods for Giant's Revive line of semi-recumbents.

Knog of Oz signs global softgoods deal with Giant

"Giant Softgoods by Knog will be sold worldwide, bringing significant export dollars into Australia," said Hugo Davidson, one of Knog’s directors.

"The opportunity to work with Giant’s Taiwanese and European offices in order to bring the products to life was a logical move for Knog. We’re a relatively new brand in a huge market; but because we are co-branding these products, the Giant OEM deal gives Knog huge exposure internationally, with the potential to

have these sold throughout all the 50,000 stores worldwide that sell Giant products."

Knog currently manufacture 35 cycling accessories, including a range of cycle luggage, backpacks, gloves and Danlite-type safety lights.

Back in April, wondered where the Knog name came from. Shakespeare, perhaps?

The Merry Wives of Windsor, Act III Scene I, A field near Frogmore:

SIR HUGH EVANS: "Pless my soul, how full of chollors I am, and trempling of mind! I shall be glad if he have deceived me. How melancholies I am! I will knog his urinals about his knave’s costard when I have good opportunities for the ork. ‘Pless my soul!"

Nope. The name came from one of the first products considered for the range – a full face polystyrene helmet, a thing that protects the noggin…


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