EUROBIKE 2011: Front and rear lights available in five colours

Knog brings new Boomer USB lights to Eurobike

Knog has launched a new USB version of its Boomer cycle lights.

With red, white, magenta, blue and transparent colour options, the Boomer USB is available in front and rear iterations – the front light retailing at £33.99 and the rear at £31.99.

Pitched as being 100 per cent waterproof, the light is one self contained unit, meaning it is easy to recharge.

To charge, the Boomer USB is removed from the silicone and cap to reveal the USB port. Charge time via a USB port or charger is approximately two to four hours.

According to Knog burn time is four hours for constant and 36 hours for strobe/flashing. Light output for the front light is 55 lumens and 30 lumens for the rear. The light is 68 x 50 x 34 mm.

Knog is available in the UK to the trade via Moore Large.

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