Save your parent's' petrol and the wear and tear on their car: cycle to school. It’s speedy, satisfying and good for the planet – plus you’re in charge, not bored stiff in the back seat of a car.

KIDS: Use your own wheels to get to school

Keen to cycle to school but your mum or dad says no? Maybe they’re worried about you! It’s up to you to convince them that you can cycle responsibly and stay out of harm’s way.

You:Mum, can I cycle to school?

Mum: No.

You: Why not?

Mum: It’s not safe.

You: What do you mean?

Mum: The roads are dangerous.

You: I wouldn’t have to go on the main road and there’s a cycle lane some of the way. Anyway, you drive on the roads every day.

Mum: Yes but I’m older than you are and I know what I’m doing.

You: What if I had proper cycle training?

Mum: That would help. But I’m still not happy about the idea.

You: I would wear a helmet, and reflective gear.

Mum: You certainly would! But your bike’s been sitting in the garage for months – it’s probably not safe.

You: I could take it to the bike shop for a service, and we’re having bike maintenance classes at school, so I’ll be able to look after it myself.

Mum: Mmmm, well, I suppose it would be good for you to get some more exercise…

You: And you wouldn’t have to take me to school every day.

Mum: That’s true.

You: So, can I?

Mum: Ask your dad.


You:Dad, can I ride my bike to school?

Dad (watching telly): OK.


Do I have to cycle every day?

No, just when you want to. Even really keen cyclists give it a miss occasionally! So if you’ve got a cello lesson or it’s raining or you simply don’t feel like it, feel free to leave your bike at home. There’s always tomorrow.

Did you know…

Cars cause 21 per cent of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions – the main cause of global warming

One in five cars on the road between 8.30 and 9 am are taking kids to school

90 per cent of children have got a bike and over 30 per cent would like to cycle to school but only 1 per cent do

One in seven kids in the UK have asthma, which has been linked to car fumes

One in four car journeys are a bike-friendly two miles or less

The number of kids driven to school by car has doubled since 1985

On a bike you can travel four times faster than you walk for the same amount of energy


The above text has been adapted from the literature supplied to children by the new Bike It scheme. Bike It is a pilot, cycling-to-school scheme being tested in 40 schools across England. It is supported by the National Cycling Strategy Board, the Department for Transport and funded by the cycle industry from the Bike Hub levy scheme. The scheme is managed by Sustrans.

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