According to a report in yesterday's Manchester Evening News, Trevor Bennett, ex of Hope Technology, has developed a Kevlar disc brake pad that is "set to send the industry giants scrabbling back to the drawing board."

Kevlar disc-brake pads are first products from Kissit Racing

Bennett has formed Kissit Racing and will sell his Kevlar KK pads at races and online.

The pads are made by Industrial Clutch Parts of Whaley Bridge.

ICP director Chris Holmes said the new pads were made from a compound with much higher proportion of Kevlar than used in the automotive industry. This, said Homes, produces pads with four times the longevity of most pads and twice the stopping power.

Replacements will be available for Hope O2/C2, Hope XC4 and Grimeca/Shimano/SRAM 4 pot pads.

Kissit isn’t planning to stop at brake pads, Bennett also wants to develop anti-dive front forks and other components.

Tel: 0773 6318758.

The Kissit website will go live in May.

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