On last night's 'Dead Ringers' impersonisation comedy on BBC2, President Bush gave his Iraq speech from a Raleigh Chopper, from which he fell. And in the US, late-night chat-show hosts are squeezing as much mileage as possible out of the Bush-and-Kerry bicycle-borne pratfalls.

Kerry and Bush are butt of bike jokes

From NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

"I read that John Kerry and George W. Bush may be getting together soon. The bad news is it’s to ride bicycles together."

"Did you hear about this? President Bush fell off his bicycle this weekend. You know what’s really sad? It was a stationary bike."

"President Bush’s bike accident was a little different than John Kerry’s accident. See Bush fell when he tried to turn too hard to the right, and Kerry fell ’cause he kept switching gears."

From CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman:

"George W. Bush. Did you see what happened to him over the weekend? He fell off his bicycle. Did you see that? Wow, this guy is taking a beating. In all fairness, it is not his fault. He couldn’t see past the Secret Service agent on the handlebars."

"And then it seemed like a couple of weeks ago, John Kerry also had a mishap on a bicycle, he fell off a bicycle. So you have Kerry fell off a bike and Bush fell off a bicycle. And you know, the only thing (President Bill) Clinton ever fell off of was an intern."

Bush injuries pic here:


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