And there are new e-bikes in the works for the brand

Juicy Bikes opens new showroom

E-bike brand Juicy Bikes is moving to a new showroom in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

The company told BikeBiz it has exceeded its targets for new dealers this year and has a number of new electric bikes in the works.

“The Heath colourway has been so popular in our Sport Click and Compact Click ranges that we’ve had bow to demand and introduce a Heath Classic as well.”

The firm also has two brand new bikes in the pipeline: the Classic and Sport ‘Lite’. Both these bikes will keep the powerful motors and understated style of the originals but in an altogether lighter design, “with a lighter price to match”.

The brand said: “This new range should satisfy the demand for an even more affordable Juicy Bike, and encourage even more undecided people to swap out their car journeys for a Juicy Bike ride or two.”

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