Cycleguard Affiliate Scheme helps bike dealers with their bottom line, according to firm

JLT Online offers retailers ‘easy additional revenue’

In BikeBiz’s latest Company Profile, JLT Online’s Chris Vinton told us that its Cycleguard Affiliate Scheme can generate extra cash for bike dealers with the minimum of fuss for retailers.

“The Cycleguard Affiliate Scheme provides a number of benefits to the cycle retailer, most notably for their bottom line,” stated Vinton.

“Through our Cycleguard Affiliate Scheme – which is free to join – we offer a service that provides easy additional revenue for retailers and a value added benefit to the store’s customers.”

Vinton added: “There’s no need for any staff to ‘sell’ or discuss the insurance and we are always careful to ensure the scheme supports the retailer’s core business.”

For more on JLT Online’s offering, head over to the Company Profile here.

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