Sports Beans are being launched at the All Candy Expo in Chicago today. Each one-ounce serving contains 25 grams of carbohydrates and a mix of nutrients more normally found in go-faster powders and gels. The company sponsors a US pro cycling team.

Jelly Belly beans get vitamins, carbs and electrolytes

Sport Beans are not available in peanut butter flavour or any of the other famous Jelly Belly flavours. It’s just lemon and lime, and orange.

However, the Sports Beans are bigger than normal Jelly Belly beans.

The company – which sponsors the Jelly Belly/PoolGel pro cycling team currently in second place on the US professional circuit – says the market for sports drinks, gels and bars is worth $3.2bn.

Pete Healy, vice president of marketing for Jelly Belly Candy Company, said: "We’ve heard from marathon athletes for years about how they use Jelly Belly beans for the carbohydrates they need to sustain energy and finish a race, so we developed a fun candy with additional nutrients the body needs during exercise."

Sport Beans by Jelly Belly will be available later in the year in 1-oz. single-serving packages.

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