Tokyo's Mukojima Bicycle Art and Net Project put itty-bitty cameras on rental bikes in an art project to make people think about their surroundings. And the Shitamachi area of old Tokyo was also transformed by a 'road garden' made up of flowers planted in bicycle baskets...

Japanese art bikes combine cameras with wheels

Japan Today newspaper reports that the area of Mukojima in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward is known for having a large number of abandoned bicycles, and these were used by an art project to challenge people’s perceptions of everyday objects.

Emiko Kato created the Mukojima Bicycle Art and Net Project, thinking that if the abandoned bicycles were made into art, "their number would dwindle as people developed an attachment to them by seeing them from a different perspective."

Art group Life Slice Laboratory strapped mini-cameras to bikes.

"When the camera-bikes are rented to people who come to view the art project, these lenses discover things that generally go unnoticed in everyday life, and the rider can receive the photographs as a memento," said Japan Today.

Kosuge 1-16, another art group, planted flowers in bicycle baskets, creating a "road garden."

Japan Today reports that "Bicycle lovers came from all over Japan to take part [in the Bicycle Art and Net Project], making the project a great success."…/?content=newsmaker&id=142

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