ActSmart’s monthly market research for January saw sales growth inevitably recover as the wintry weather subsided...

January sees IBD sales recover

Specialist cycle retailer sales grew by 15.9 per cent in January, as the sector recovered from the December snow and the wintry weather’s impact upon January 2010.

The month’s sales were -17 per cent down on 2009 and this year’s recovery should be viewed in that context.

Over half of contributors to the Jan research reported growth in excess of 20 per cent vs. 2010 in the month. Average sales growth in these businesses was a massive 63 per cent. 70 per cent of businesses reported sales growth in January with a mean growth of 46 per cent. All positive stuff, but what about the under-performers?

16 per cent of businesses reported a sales shortfall in excess of -20 per cent in January, despite last year’s dire results. The mean shortfall in these retailers was -55 per cent. The market is increasingly divided. Like-for-like sales revenues dropped by over 10 per cent in January 2011 vs. December 2010, despite December’s poor returns. Things remain uncertain as we move into 2011 with a continued mixed bag of performance across the sector. So, what next?

ActSmart has undertaken the most detailed available, continuous research of the UK cycle retail market for over three years, but now is the time to question the industry as to its value and continuity.

The monthly retail research exercise is ever more expensive and despite regular commentary that the cycle sector lacks data, market feedback is negligible and the investment in production of this research remains wholly attributable to ActSmart and ACT. If the cycle industry truly value retail market data and want to invest in its continuity we need to know.

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