Chef backtracks over cyclist-bashing column

James Martin: “I’m sincerely sorry”

TV chef James Martin has apologised for his anti-cyclist comments printed in the Daily Mail at earlier this week, according to this story from the BBC.

Martin’s column – which revealed his ‘hate’ for cyclists, detailed his reckless and dangerous driving and labelled cyclists ‘city-boy ponces’ – has invoked a furious reaction from cycling stars, the CTC, cyclists in general and Tesla – manufacturers of the car Martin was reviewing in his column.

Initially comments were taken off Martin’s story on the Daily Mail site. These have now returned.

Martin said: "It was never my intention to offend the many cyclists who share our roads across the country. What was intended to be a humorous piece was clearly misjudged."

Martin said that he didn’t condone reckless driving and added: "Once again, I am sincerely sorry for any upset caused in relation to this article."

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