"Wave goodbye to wobbly fumbling to keep your balance on a bike as you try to change tunes on the iPod nano that's in your pocket or on an armband," argues a press release for the iBikeMount iPod nano holder. Further down the press release it says cyclists who listen to iPods as they pedal will be safer with the IBikeMount but that "cyclists should always remember to stay aware of their surroundings at all times." Perhaps by not listening to an iPod while on the move?

iWorld says cycling is safer with handlebar holder for iPod

Lots of cyclists listen to iPods while cycling. Bonkers, but it’s a free country.

And for the cyclist who wants to put his iPod in full-view on his* handlebars, leaving motorists and thieves in no doubt what device he’s listening to, there’s this:


* Got to be a ‘his’ only, yes?


iWorld brings the iBikeMount iPod nano holder for bicycles to the UK

The new iBikeMount , (£19.99) from the iPod accessories experts at iWorld,

sits securely on your bicycle?s handlebars within easy reach and view.

The iBikeMount is also great for exercise bikes, pushchairs and prams – in

fact anything with a handlebar!


Fits 1Gb, 2Gb and 4Gb iPod nanos

Easily attaches to a variety of handlebar sizes – from 22mm to 26mm

Quick and easy to attach and remove, no tools required

Lightweight, just 1.4 ounces / 40 grams

Flat black colour matches black or white iPod nano

Listen Responsibly

Many people already listen to music whilst cycling and the iBikeMount will

serve to make this pastime safer as managing your tunes is now easier than

ever before.

However, cyclists should always remember to stay aware of their

surroundings at all times.

Its [sic] a good idea to keep the volume down, perhaps even muted, in areas with

heavier traffic. Enjoy the music – just listen responsibly.

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