BikeBiz executive editor to be the cyclist - i.e. irritating insect - on ITV's The Alan Titchmarsh Show. Filming is today; broadcast later

ITV chat show creates buzz by likening cyclists to ‘wasps at a picnic’

Earlier today, the Twitter account for the Alan Titchmarsh Show asked: "Cyclists – do you find them as annoying as a wasp at a picnic and think they should all be banned…?" The tweet – and Facebook comment linked to it – have since been deleted.

The ‘wasp’ invited on to the show to put the case for cyclists is BikeBiz editor Carlton Reid. The filming takes place later today, with the show broadcast later in the week. The guest putting the case for motorists is Christopher Biggins. The battle between Reid and Biggins is one of the show’s ‘Daily Ding Dongs’.

The production crew behind the ITV show have since softened their Twitter plugs for the show, saying "Are you a cyclist and proud of it?"

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