Britain's Dr. Sarah Springman was defeated by Les McDonald, the sitting president of the International Triathlon Union. Springman had been endorsed by the British and American triathlon orgs.

ITU president re-elected

In his brief acceptance speech at the ITU conference, McDonald thanked his opponent and ‘"long time friend."

He is said to have echoed her sentiment that "the entire ITU family can continue to successfully work together in unity."

In her ‘vision for the future’, Springman had criticised the then – and now – leadership of the ITU.

She said McDonald was "autocratic" and "exclusive."

She wanted more "transparency" at the top of the ITU.

She also wanted to work to increase triathlon’s global exposure:

"Triathlon has failed to build on the successes of the early 1990s, when we had sponsorship of over $400 000 each year from blue chip companies like Reebok and Coca-Cola."

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