On Friday last week, Channel 4 News presenter, Jon 'icecube' Snow, joined the leader of Waltham Forest Council to officially open a hi-tech bike shed in Walthamstow. The bike parking facility is said to be the first in Britain to use smart-card technology to lock and lock the barriers.

It’s smart to use new cycle locker, says Jon Snow

Waltham Forest Council has provided 35 lockable stands for bicycle commuters at on the south side of Walthamstow Central Station. The council will be introducing a similar facility at Leytonstone Station.

Clyde Loakes, council leader, said:

"As a cyclist I need to know that my bike is secure and that’s why I believe the bike shed will be the incentive people need to use their bikes more often. The bike shed’s existence has already encouraged more people to cycle to the town centre, especially commuters, who can now leave their bikes all day without worrying about them.

"More people using their bikes will help make Waltham Forest a healthier borough and a more pleasant place to live. Cycling is a good way to get fit, cut travel costs beat traffic congestion and contribute towards reducing pollution levels. With more miles of cycle lanes than any other London borough, residents really don’t have an excuse not to get cycling."

The frame and base of the bike shed has been built from recycled railway tracks and sleepers.

So, what was that about the ‘icecube’? Jon Snow is known for his prowess at using his bike to get across London to meet news deadlines. To cool him down before going on air, ITN’s make-up crew apply ice-cubes to Snow’s neck…

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