The Register is UK-based but one of the world's leading IT news-sites. It has carried three of our Segway stories to date, but the latest one features Shimano's Smover concept too...

IT website picks up’s Smover/Segway story

"Every time I get a piece published in The Register I’m inundated with emails from around the world," said BikeBiz editor Carlton Reid.

The emails regarding the re-run of last week’s Segway/Smover story started this morning.

The Register – which "bites the hand that feeds IT’ – is a key technology-related website. Most of the emails received from the three BikeBiz Segway stories have been from US readers of The Register.

Past articles have dared to suggest that some Americans may be a touch on the corpulent side. Oops, cue the deluge of emails saying it’s every American’s right to be as fat as they like.

The latest story, featuring Shimano’s Smover concept, is a slightly earlier version of the article published on this site on Friday.…/28732.html

And check out this story on –…/0,1284,56814,00.html

It features an American who used to commute daily to work in his car. Three miles there and back! He’s now got a Segway.

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