Change Your World Week hits the UK

It’s time to Change Your World, says Sustrans

Hot on the heels of Bike Week earlier this month, Sustrans is encouraging the UK to swap one car journey in favour of cycling or walking as part of its Change Your World week.

Sustrans is encouraging members of the public to pledge to the swap to cut down on stress, get fit (and not fat), be more sociable and also to claim some ‘me time’. The charity also asks the public to consider whether a journey is worth making at all, in a bid to cut down car journeys.

“If people across the UK swap just one journey during Change Your World week then it really can make a difference to local congestion, and will ultimately benefit the environment,” said Sustrans’ Change Your World coordinator Monica Ogden.

“Not to mention the benefits that each individual could enjoy, like being more active, less stressed and having the chance to actually meet and talk to the people they live and work with as they travel.

“Many people use their cars believing they offer more freedom and convenience than other forms of travel. But it’s surprising how liberating it is to leave the car at home, even just for one trip.”

According to Sustrans, the Government recently predicted that in 70 years parts of southern England could see soaring temperatures up to 6 degrees hotter in the summer, while all parts of the United Kingdom would see drier summers and wetter winters.

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