The New York high-end bike brand was always an odd-fit with Parkers of Bolton and when David Wilson, the Iron Horse fan, left his father's company in August 2000 for a job with more dough, the distribution deal faded away. Now Iron Horse want back in.

Iron Horse Bicycle Company seeks UK distribution

Iron Horse Bicycle Company LLC is seeking a distributor who "can sell high end bikes to bike shops in quantity," said Sean Gregg, Iron Horse’s director of sales and marketing.

From 1999 to 2000, Iron Horse was distributed in the UK by catalogue returns specialist, Parkers of Bolton. Taking on the distribution of such a high-end brand was the idea of David Wilson, son of Robin Wilson, founder of Parkers of Bolton. In 2000, Wilson Jnr left for an execs job with Millers Bakery Machinery, selling instore bakery machinery into supermarkets.

Iron Horse, founded in 1990, has had sporadic, small-scale UK distribution since Wilson Jnr left, and it has continued to advertise in such mags as 4130 Publishing’s Dirt, but now Gregg wants to create a more stable distribution set-up.

"[Iron Horse] has grown up from a few years ago and the products are superior. We want to find a partner with whom we can enjoy a long-term, mutually-profitable relationship," said Gregg.

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