The National Safety Council of Ireland is recommending mandatory wearing of bicycle safety helmets, particularly for children. The suggestion was made at the launch of the National Safety Council’s new bicycle safety booklet, ‘Cycle Safely’, which is supported by the Irish Insurance Federation. Cycle helmets? Insurance company? Hmm...

Irish safety body argues for helmet compulsion

“Most parents and children don’t realise just how fragile the brain is, and that a fall from a little as two feet can cause a skull fracture. That’s why it’s important to always wear a safety helmet when cycling” said Eddie Shaw, chairman of the National Safety Council.

He did not argue for helmets for children transported in cars, a far more statistically sensible place for helmets to be worn.

Commenting on the merits of a helmet law in Ireland, Shaw said: “In countries where the wearing of safety helmets is mandatory, the figures point to increasing helmet usage and consequently a high success rate in reducing fatalities and head injuries. For example, the introduction of a bicycle helmet law in the state of Victoria in Australia in 1990 increased the number of cyclists wearing helmets by almost 50 percent and has been credited with reducing the number of pedal cyclists killed or admitted to hospital after sustaining a head injury by 48 percent.

"Given such success rates abroad, the NSC feels it is worth giving serious consideration to the introduction of a safety helmet law, particularly for children, in Ireland. It could reduce the number of head traumas to cyclists, and ultimately prevent deaths and injuries.”

More such stuff can be found on the NSC’s website:

The Irish Cycling Campaign opposes the NSC plans and claims the NSC has no cycle or pedestrian board members, but has two board members from the motor industry.

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